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Amelia Baron

Aimee, John, Rachael | Matchsticks and Ash on Paper only. Aimee, Jon, Rachael – Audio Description Amelia Baron (23/10/1995), is originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, and now resides in Leeds after graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2018. During her adolescence, Amelia spent lengthy stays in hospital due to ill mental health. By applying her interest in […]

Ro Hardaker

MAW | Video & Sound | 58 seconds MAW – Audio Description Through Resonance (i) | Text Through Resonance (i) – Audio Description Through Resonance (ii) | Text Through Resonance (ii) – Audio Description Ro Hardaker (they/she) is an artist working across performance, noise, writing and video.  Hardaker appropriates both the collaborative and combative strategies […]

Emily Warner

Automatic Exchange | Audio | 5 minutes 18 seconds Automatic Exchange – Audio Exploration Emily Warner is an artist, performance maker, and facilitator. Prioritising process and collaboration they devise performative work that examines the interplay between body, movement and language. Tackling abundance and multiplicity with playful misrecognition, their work explores the reductive systems that shape […]

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