Amelia Baron

Aimee, John, Rachael | Matchsticks and Ash on Paper only. Aimee, Jon, Rachael – Audio Description Amelia Baron (23/10/1995), is originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, and now resides in Leeds after graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2018. During her adolescence, Amelia spent lengthy stays in hospital due to ill mental health. By applying her interest in […]

Ro Hardaker

MAW | Video & Sound | 58 seconds MAW – Audio Description Through Resonance (i) | Text Through Resonance (i) – Audio Description Through Resonance (ii) | Text Through Resonance (ii) – Audio Description Ro Hardaker (they/she) is an artist working across performance, noise, writing and video.  Hardaker appropriates both the collaborative and combative strategies […]

Emily Warner

Automatic Exchange | Audio | 5 minutes 18 seconds Automatic Exchange – Audio Exploration Emily Warner is an artist, performance maker, and facilitator. Prioritising process and collaboration they devise performative work that examines the interplay between body, movement and language. Tackling abundance and multiplicity with playful misrecognition, their work explores the reductive systems that shape […]

Colleen Bartley

the end? | Video | 08 minutes and 12 seconds the end? – Audio Description Colleen Bartley is an independent dance artist with an eclectic background.  She lives with an indivisible disability which informs all of her activities. Her performance, film and installation work all include elements of improvisation and responding to invitation. She’s interested in the unknown […]

Amalia Vitale

I Hate Baking | Sculpture | Flour, Water, Salt, Time I Hate Baking – Audio Description Amalia is an actor, writer, director living in south london and co runs theatre company All in.  She has performed at theatres such as The Leeds Playhouse, The Birmingham REP and The Royal Court and for TV and film.  […]

Susanna Dye

Hyper-Responsive // Hypo-Responsive | Video | 03 minutes and 53 seconds Hyper-Responsive // Hypo-Responsive – Audio Description Stimming (definition): noun repetitive actions or movements displayed by neurodivergent people and people with developmental disorders when they are over/ under-stimulated emotionally, or by sensory input from their environment. Stimming is a universal aspect of human behaviour, but for neurodivergent […]

Helen Davison

Lament | Video | 10 minutes and 38 seconds Lament – Audio Description Helen Davison’s practice occupies the moments where communication fails. They use live vocal sounds in conjunction with materials and gestures to share experiences of the queer(ed) body. By exploring the palpability of the voice and resonances of the body they lean in to uncertainty […]

Gemma Boyd

Inner Eye | Digital Painting Inner Eye – Audio Description Skyward | Mixed Media Skyward – Audio Description Killer Whale | Digital Painting Killer Whale – Audio Description I am a heartfelt, incisive and versatile professional musician, private music teacher, published writer, mixed media artist, Forward Prize-nominated poet and organic gardener with international experience. My wish is […]

Kelsie Acton

Remarkable | Video & Audio | 03 minutes and 28 seconds Supported by Sync Canada and the Vibrafusion Lab through the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Shorts Program Remarkable – Audio Description Kelsie Acton is a neurodivergent choreographer, dancer, access consultant and researcher. Her choreography has been produced by CRIPSiE (Canada), Nextfest (Canada), Good […]

Selina Bonelli

rough water, landscape | video | 02 minutes and 23 seconds rough water, landscape – Audio Description through their performances selina explores how we might make sense of the things that are unspeakable and incommunicable. they tease out the inherent power and energies within gestures, objects, materials and architecture to explore their functions, their dysfunctions, […]


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