About Us

Encountering A New Normal is an Online Network for Neurodiverse Artists

Established in August 2020, Alicia Radage felt the need for a community for artists who create through the shared lens of Neurodiversity and those who have experienced forms of misogyny including trans misogyny. The intention for this group is to create a space for neuro-diverse people who experience misogyny and/or trans misogyny including, including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans feminine people, AFAB people, non-binary or gender queer folk, and anyone for whom woman or female is, or has been, a significant part of their identity and / or lived experience.

The network started meeting online, creating shared resources for one another and sharing and feedbacking upon one another’s work.

When Radage received Arts Council England funding for the facilitation of the group and an accessible online exhibition of the artists’ work, the group gathered to discuss how to realise the project. In terms of accessibility, the network decided to produce audio descriptions of the works. In groups of 3, audio descriptions for 3-4 artists’ works were coauthored.

These audio descriptions blend both the clear guidelines of how audio descriptions should be sculpted and individual, creative and poetic interpretation into the artworks.

Throughout the process, the fantastic Shape Arts provided generous artist support and training towards the project.

The artists who co-authored the audio descriptions are:
Aisling Gallagher
Alicia Radage
Amalia Vitale
Amelia Baron
Ashley-Louise McNaughton
Colleen Bartley
Emily Warner
Fritha Jenkins
Gemma Boyd
Helen Davison
Kelsie Acton
Ro Hardaker
Selina Bonelli
Susanna Dye

The website was put together by Alicia Radage with WordPress support from Chris Stokes and assistance from Sofía Castro.

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