Gemma Boyd

Inner Eye | Digital Painting

Inner Eye – Audio Description

Skyward | Mixed Media

Skyward – Audio Description

Killer Whale | Digital Painting

Killer Whale – Audio Description

I am a heartfelt, incisive and versatile professional musician, private music teacher, published writer, mixed media artist, Forward Prize-nominated poet and organic gardener with international experience.

My wish is to enhance face-to-face communication, creativity and connection for the well-being of diverse communities in an age where all living beings are facing existential crisis.

Currently I am interested in performing live music in safe and original ways, learning more about facilitating wholehearted creative workshops for groups, and in becoming an ecopreneur in a non-capitalist setting.

Link to personal website:

Link to mixed media and digital art portfolio:

Link to Instagram: @gemmaboyd407

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