Danni is an Artist

“Thou Shalt Behold the Garden Where I Grow my FUCK YOUs” | Mixed Media | 2021

Audio Description – Thou Shalt Behold the Garden Where I Grow my FUCK YOUs

“Mingeman” | Sculpture | 2020

Mingeman – Audio Description

Danni is an artist

Because she says she is. 

She makes performance art and video art that provokes and challenges what it means to be a woman surviving in the patriarchy. 

She also makes beautiful and ridiculous things out of tampons and other such nonsense. 

She takes herself very seriously.

Her work is provocative and confusing and maybe offensive. 

Her works are absorbing, abstract, acclaimed, accomplished, adroit, aesthetic, aggressive, astonishing and award winning. And that’s just the As. 

She is reclaiming her body through her art. 

Latest projects include Screaming into THE VOID and collecting pubic hair for a participatory art project on what it means to have pubic hair in a world that prizes bald fannies. 

It’s best not to mention Mingewoman. FUCK the patriarchy


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